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لعبة سبايدر مان

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لعبة جاك التنين الخارقلعبة جاك التنين الخارق - العاب فلاش توب

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لعبة جاك التنين الخارق العاب جاك التنين الخارق العاب فلاش لعبة مغامرات جاك التنين الخارق لعبة جاك التنين الخارق

امين رغيب هكذا ربحت 10 ملايين سنتيم 10 آلاف دولار من الانترنت في شهر واح...

BTS 'Not Today' MV (Choreography Version)

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BTS 'Not Today' MV (Choreography Version) - YouTube

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BTS 'Not Today' MV (Choreography Version) :

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The CIA’s “Coup” Against Trump

Trump Breaking News Network -The CIA’s “Coup” Against Trump.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has reportedly interfered in countless governments across the globe. Now, the agency has also begun an intelligence coup within its own government.

Last week, Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced out of the Trump administration following leaks from the intelligence community that revealed he had misled the public and the administration on conversations he had with a Russian diplomat. Major news outlets, the Washington Post and the New York Times, both reported on the leaks.

While the mainstream media has blasted Trump and Flynn for these alleged ties to Russia, some of the more astute journalists out there have taken a different approach. Although he asserted the leaks were justified, prominent journalist Glenn Greenwald raised some very disturbing issues as to the possible motives behind the leaks:

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“It’s very possible — I’d say likely — that the motive here was vindictive rather than noble,” Greenwald wrote. “Whatever else is true, this is a case where the intelligence community, through strategic (and illegal) leaks, destroyed one of its primary adversaries in the Trump White House.”


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The CIA’s “Coup” Against Trump :

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